Ariana M. Taylor

Assisting budding and existing entrepreneurs in the proper registration of their businesses and creating effective deliverables to secure capital for clients since 2013.

Consultation $50

Need clarity on the purpose of your organization and the company filing type you should pursue? Seeking financial support or tangible donations for your organization. Schedule a 30-minute consultation today!

Business filing $175


Secretary of State Illinois Fees*:

NFP ($50)*

LLC ($150)

Corporation ($175)

LLC Series ($400)

Secretary of State payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check, certified check, or money order.

Invest in the validity of your business! Registering your business with the State of Illinois protects your legal entity and its assets. Our #1 service is business filings because who wouldn't want to legitimize their business and start making money?

Business Filing Services include:

  • 30-min Consultation fee applies to total package cost

  • Business name search

  • Draft of Articles of Incorporation (24-hr turnaround)

  • Articles of Incorporation submission to Secretary of State (24-hr turnaround)

  • Access to Business & Property Tax Practitioner

  • EIN application assistance or submission (SSN required)

  • Information packet regarding your filing type

  • Custom Annual Filing Reminders

* State fees are not included in filing service fee

* NFPs receive $50 discount off service fee

  501c3 Filing $200(ez)/$275

Internal Revenue Service Fees:

Form 1023-EZ ($275)

Form 1023 ($600)

Click here to check your eligibility for 1023 EZ!

Are you a social entrepreneur who owns a non-profit and is seeking tax exemption? Let us file your 501c3 application. Consultation required to solidify legal structure and operating requirements.

501c3 Filing Services include:

  • 30-min Consultation fee applies to total package cost

  • Draft of 501c3 application (48-hr turnaround / 72-hr turnaround for standard 1023)

  • 501c3 application submission to Internal Revenue Service (24-hr turnaround for 1023 EZ post draft approval)

  • Access to Business & Property Tax Practitioner

  • Custom Annual Filing Reminders

  • Operating Agreement for standard 1023 applications


* IRS fees are not included in filing service fee


sponsorship Kit $375


Creating an effective sponsorship proposal is key to obtaining additional funds and materials for your organization. Submit a winning, custom sponsorship proposal to your prospective donors by leveraging our services.

Sponsorship Services include:

  • 30-min Consultation fee applies to total package cost

  • Sponsorship Wish List Development*

  • Sponsor Contact Research*

    • Direct sponsor contact information provided for some sponsors

  • 4pg Customizable Sponsorship kit includes*:

    • Your organization's value proposition to donor

    • Your organization's alignment to sponsor's objectives

    • Clear sponsorship request goal

    • Detailed sponsorship benefits

*Deliverables received within 5 days of consultation & full payment.